At TMD Customs we use only top of the line parts and nothing less. Below is a list and description of each part that makes up a TMD Custom drum.


Keller is the industry leader in custom drum shells. All of the shells we use are 100% maple shells and come in a variety of thicknesses and sizes. TMD Custom kits are made up of 6-8 ply shells while our snare drums are made from a standard 10 ply shell and can go all the way up to 50 plys. The general rule of thumb is, the more plys you have (thickness), the higher the pitch of the drum.


All of our kits and snares are toped off with Remo drum heads. After over 15 years of experiance, we believe that remo drum heads best compliment our custom drums and bring out the best in what TMD has to offer. Our drums come standard with Remo Coated Emperor heads on top, and Clear Ambassadors on the bottom. Our kicks all come with Remo Powerstroke III heads to give them that great punchy sound.


While most companies offer these mounts as a pricey upgrade or option, TMD Custom drums includes these as standard equipment. Gauger RIMS mounts are the best mounts on the market and are made of light weight aluminum alloy to allow the drums to fully resonate without choking the shell.


Trick has created a masterpiece out of a strainer. Once you have used one of these, you will never go back. These are the smoothest, most durable strainers out there and come on all TMD Custom snare drums. We also only use Puresound snare wires on all of our snare drums.


Tube lugs and Baltimore style lugs are standard on all our drums and are also offered inline or at 7/8% or 50% offset at no additional charge. Our hoops are all 2.3mm super hoops and all of our bass drum spurs are heavy duty.