TMD Customs is a custom drum company that not only creates custom drums, but works of art. All of our custom drums are crafted with an eye for detail and a genuin appreciation for precise craftsmanship. When you order any TMD Customs drums, you will be able to choose from an infinite number of finishes and configurations. You will also be able to work with us in designing your custom drums in which each part compliments the next, creating a distinct and classic look.

At TMD Customs we take certain lugs, finishes, and hardware that work well together and create a drum that looks truely elegant. When ordering a drum you will be consulted on many options that we feel might go well together to make the most out of your drum. For example, offset lugs might look great on certain drums, whereas inline lugs may give the drum a more appropriate traditional look. Depending on the finish and overall look of the drum, certain options may look better then others and this is where TMD Customs strives to create a name for itself. Our drums offer an elegant and classy yet modern look which seperates our drums from other mainstream manufacturers. Each drum comes branded with the TMD Customs Crest and signature pinstripe as well as chrome airvents flanking the crest on each side and our snare drums come with the TD Griffen Crest.